Using play and games as metaphors to re-think urban life

Gizzago /gizz-a-go/ (informal)

Verb 1. requesting to play…asking for a turn. to engage in (a game or activity) for fun. “I want to play Snakes and Ladders.” Synonyms: take part in, participate in, engage in, be involved in, join in, compete in, do “Gizzago of your city…” Noun 1. Liverpool based social enterprise, unlocking the potentials of the city by encouraging playful participation in urban life

The city is changing. Its future is being re-imagined.


Through the integration of information and computer technologies, techno-centric perspectives talk about the efficient and smart city


Aspires to give people the information and tools to participate in city life, by opening up and making accessible, data, information and governance processes

“Modern cities have become hungry machines that squeeze from us all possible data to paint a picture of who inhabits them. This is why making cities playable matters: it is an effort to make these machines human again.”

Miguel Sicart

(Philosopher of Play & Technology)

The truly smart and open city of the future will be playful and playable

the mission